I like this tattoo wondering if its creepy tho looks cool to me but I don't wanna scare people lol thoughts?

Be real

  • I like this tattoo wondering if its creepy tho looks cool to me but I don't wanna scare people lol thoughts?This is main one
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  • I like this tattoo wondering if its creepy tho looks cool to me but I don't wanna scare people lol thoughts?Needed second pic to post so here's my dog jack lol
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  • Is it impressive and cool looking? Hell Yes!

    However it is very intimidating especially once I saw the jack the ripper part.

    • Yeah i might pass im already intimidating lol

    • While I will openly admit it's an impressive tattoo (beautifully abstract and well crafted), wise choice man, it's really intimidating.

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What Girls Said 17

  • Not creepy... Why is it creepy?

  • It's a pretty cool looking tattoo! I say go for it and fuck what people think. It's your body and you'll be the one wearing it. Not them :).
    By the way your dog is so damn beautiful!

  • It's not creepy per se. It's a little creepy that you want an homage to a serial killer on your body forever, but the artistry is nice.

    • Thats what i like 2 and thats why im weary to get it but I don't know might change jack to jack the skeleton from a nightmare before Christmas lol

    • Jack Skellington is way overdone. I would suggest a different historical figure or event, preferably unrelated to murder.

  • You really want a tattoo about a serial killer who gutted prostitutes like fish? That's... extreme. Lol.

    • Nah i just liked the clock and city design was thinking about doing my city and not putting him in it just looked cool to me but yeah that was my whole point... lol

    • I see, I see. Well, as long as you keep that headline out.

  • if you're close by I got a guy that can do it for you

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What Guys Said 9

  • Your only 24 man, I think it looks really cool but hear me out. This is the rest of your life. Rest of your life. Ink bleeds, the tattoo might not but you may be investing more than just one tattoo. You might get another then another. Here is so things to consider.

    (Do you have enough money to buy a tattoo twice over and get it removed as well, and in cash? Should you invest this money? Do you have IRA accounts set up, and stocks set? Is your car paid off?
    (How will this effect your employment/Career? Your relationships? Your kids? Your parents? Strangers? Yourself?)

    Daily Life:
    What people will you attract because remember not everyone likes tattoos so you will be limiting yourself through this. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so if people judge/hate you on this be ready to handle that and brush it off since that's their opinion. People will stare since it is un common and want to look at it, I think it looks cool, but wouldn't recommend keeping it forever.

    One day will you regret having this?

    You want to pay a man to hurt you and your skin for several hours and permanently ink your skin forever? If it was against your will it would seem ludicrous! But is it any less crazy just because your willing to do this?

    Tats like that, several hundred maybe few thousand I assume. That's a lot for some ink man. Put that in investment and make returns. Put that into your debts and make credit score better. (Best is to never use credit cards only debit/cash). Anyway, is it worth the money?

    Why a Tattoo? What's the meaning?
    Do you need one, or just want one? Does this really define who you are? Or does your actions and daily life define who you are?

    Is this what the best version of yourself looks like?

    Stretch marks, scars, fat will alter your tattoos, are you fine with that.

    Ask yourself these questions man, seriously. As big as a bussiness getting tattoos are, removing them is at large as well. Don't make a choice off other people's versions of you, be grounded, no peer pressure or outside influences.

    I would recommend getting a several month long temporary tattoo movie stars get. That way you can walk around with it for a while.

    Honestly, to me, there's more risk than anything else and I couldn't keep something like that on my shirt every day, let alone my skin.

    Stay safe man, it looks cool but be careful, it's permanent!

    • Yeah probably a risk might get something on the normal side i just want a sleeve look dope with a watch and v neck thnx tho 👌🏻 ill consider your thoughts

    • It would look awesome bro, but I would rather have you with good skin and no regrets! Haha

  • The artwork is well done, but I think you can think of a better design overall. It's not what I would personally get.

  • if it has a deep meaning to you and will always have then go for it, shouldn't care about what others say tbh

  • 10/10 voted for Jack. Who cares what people think, get what you like. I like it. But I'm into slightly scary sometimes horror things.

  • this tatoo is sick but i hope you will find the right one to tatoo it onto you because it has some details.

    and nice dog :3

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