Nipple piercings?

I kind of want to get my nipples pierced. Not that I really care what other people think but do guys find nipple piercings attractive? Also should I get one or both pierced?


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  • I like them however they make sex and play a bit more tricky. Nipples never really heal inside and licking/sucking etc can cause problems with infection etc. They can also get caught up on clothes, jewellery and things like loofahs in the shower. If you really want them do your research and find out from a professional if your nipples suit particular types of piercings. Sites such as Reddit have lots of groups about piercings and other body modifications where you can find people who have experience and examples of what you could do.
    I've had experience with girlfriends having/getting them done if you want to message me to discuss it further.


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  • I couldn't personally flop my tit out and let someone pierce my nipple. It looks hot on guys though, total turn on.

    • Well I know the person and they're really funny so it wouldn't be too awkward haha. But I agree about the guys.

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  • you say you dont care why do you care what guys think

    • I don't care what they think I was merely curious

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