What kind of syles do guys like on girls?

Clothing wise?


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  • I wish skirts were more of a thing in the west look Korean and Japanese girls in Tokyo or respective city in south korea. they look really good and many are in their 20-30s up to 40s well yes they look exceptionally young for a long time. but skirts are really underrated. I guess you need to be in a pretty warm country for it though.

  • I think every guy is different however most will like what looks good on you. It doesn't really matter what you wear as long as it suits you. If you want to be seductive then guys will obviously turn there heads. Dressing seductive often involves showing off your legs and body shape if you've got a good figure. The problem with dressing seductive is that almost every guy will look and you might get more attention than you want and also a lot of players will be trying to get with you.

  • Different girls suit different styles; age and shape are to be considered so what looks good on one girl may look horrific on someone else.

  • I like a professional looking woman, conservative look because a woman dressed like this is secure within herself and will not be noticed by her clothes or lack thereof, but by her ability to adapt to any environment.

  • depends on what activity
    casual is lose or not much
    dinner can be formal
    you and your boy friend at home nude or lose clothing
    nude for attraction to sex

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