Are guys never satisfied?

my boyfriend recently said that this skanky looking girl in a bar was his 'fantasy girl', it p*ssed me off because guys who have decent gfs who love them still don't appreciate what they have and look at girls in short skirts and heels? I'm absolutely confused as to why I'm not his fantasy girl when I'm the one he's actually with.I know that if I dressed like a skank he wouldn't even let me leave the house so why is he looking at other girls dressed like that?. I'm not generalizing guys here, but if you were in this situation why would you say it? And how come I have stopped looking at other guys, and he still looks at other girls and makes comments like that? is it to make me jealous or something?


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  • I understand where you coming from. I think that he probably didn't mean to upset you by saying this, or he wouldn't have said it.. unless he is a complete asshole. Maybe he wasn't even being serious when he said it. If you haven't talked to him about it yet, let him know that what he said upset you. And don't let people tell you that your a jealous person like it's a bad thing. I don't think their is anything wrong with not wanting your boyfriend to check out other girls when he's supposed to be comitted to you! I doubt he would like it too much if you started talking about how hot some guy at the bar was. Your just being protective of what's yours and nothing is wrong with that. A little jealousy is fine! And remember that their aren't very many guys that would pursue a serious relationship with some girl dressed like a skank that hangs out at bars. That's a one night stand kind of girl and if he wanted a girls like her he wouldn't be in a relationship with you. He knows that being with you is a good thing. That's why he doesn't want you to go out dressed like a two cent whore cause he wouldn't want men to look at you. He cares about you : ) Just talk to him about it, and let him know your thoughts on it.


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  • No, you are jealous, so no matter what he does, you will always have those feelings. It's clear by your post that you a jealous person naturally.

    There is nothing wrong with either guys or girls looking at other people and evaluating their physical attractiveness.

    It's not cheating. Cheating is when they commit sexual acts with another person.

    And think about his statement for a second.

    "She's my fantasy girl." He just revealed something very personal to you, which means he trusts you deeply.

    Why not dress up as his 'fantasy' and have a night in?

  • I wouldn't say it. because I know it would make you feel uncomfortable. I have more social intelligence than that.

    Unless, I was saying it to get you to dress that way but even then id say it differently to let you know that's what I meant.. And I do like women to dress like straight out whores sometimes.-

    unless I'm going to church, meeting my parents, or something.

    I know when I'm in love, I don't give a rats ass about any other girls.

  • There is always going to be other people who catch your attention, by the way, your boyfriend sounds like a d***


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  • Well, some people, when in relationships, automatically turn off that desire to look at other people, push those thoughts out of their heads if they arise, or at least don't say anything about it.

    But honestly, I think the majority of people still get these thoughts and I don't see it as a bad thing. You can enjoy the attractiveness of other people and it doesn't mean anything about how you feel about your partner. As long as you're just looking and not acting on it, then I don't see it as an issue.

    What I do see as an issue is when people aren't considerate of their partner's feelings. I mean, my partner will comment on other people, but he knows that it doesn't bother me and he more than makes up for it with the number of compliments he gives me and the way he expresses how he feels about me. I'm not jealous or insecure about it in the least. If I was, however, I would talk to him about how it makes me feel and ask him to limit the comments about other people. If he cared about me and respected me, it shouldn't be a problem.