Looking for a completely anonymous person to chat with about a serious issue?

I'm struggling with a break up. I got dumped twice. I've haven't told anybody about my problem cause I feel like a moron for some of the things I did. I'm too embarrassed that I got fooled a second time.

I got a real important competition coming up and I want this off my mind. But I'm struggling with this internal problem.

I am looking for a mature man or woman to chat with either over the phone or instant messenger (I got skype). Just 15 min is more than enough.

Any good Samaritans out there?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I enjoy talking with people and helping them with their problems. If your wanting to keep it anonymous we probably shouldn't phone each other or skype, but I'd love to talk to you through e-mail on this website or the instant messenger on this website. I'm happy to be their for you if your interested.


What Guys Said 1

  • From one Man to another Man - I am here to help.

    Send me an email - Cmcwill3@gmu.edu

    • Lets chat tonight bro. I'll friend you up.

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