Style help?

So I'm not so sure on my style, some girls I know love it, some say I always seem like I'm dressing up or showing off, But nevertheless average I wear a v-neck usually black or white, a dress shirt, black or white (main two) red blue purple, green, olive (usually mine are anywhere from $70-$150) so I can see where some girls are with the second opinion, faded jeans (dark blue or black) and usually black dress shoes (that's just something I've always done with jeans), other than that I have my usual Celtic good luck necklace and my watch (apparently it's a Guido watch but whatever) so is this to dressed up for a day or am I okay?


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  • Sounds fine to me, don't worry about it.


What Guys Said 1

  • I wouldn't see a problem with that style and if I had that much money for clothes I would probably dress up like that and copy your style. It sounds good. Some girls just prefer guys who don't look as good I guess ?

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