Can teen girls/women wear Hawaiian shirts in style?

This is a super interesting topic to me because Hawaiian shirts are typically associated with [old] men and styled by men. However, I disagree and recently bought a thrifted shirt for $5 with a cute print (for womens) but a size larger so it gives the shirt an airy/breezy look, similar to a kimono. I think they're very cute if you find the right print/color and go for vintage styles rather than new ones in stores. You can also have it not buttoned up like a kimono, or button it up and tuck it into shorts. I don't understand why this isn't a fad for women yet. I know that we culturally defined Hawaiian shirts as tacky or uncool pieces of clothing worn by men, but does anyone think they're stylish for women? And it'll be for the summer of course. (Tropical florals=summer)

What are your opinions?

for ex: look up vintage hawaiian shirt in esty for inspiration. shop: EleanorsAntiquities
there's a listing with women modeling shirts


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  • Just reading this question made me think of Oshino from the Monogatari series. That aside, I think a girl would look fine in one. Go for it.

  • don't care about the fashion care about what you like

  • Yes they can


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