A new look for a new semester?

So, I was once a French assistant at my college and I used to wear no makeup and sweater and pants with tennis shoes. People would automatically think, "she's a teacher or tutor or Liberian." At first it was cool because I'm a very reserved person, but now its a little more than annoying.
I know I'm not the best look chick to come out of an egg but I am trying to improve, I'm growing my hair out and losing weight. I want to get new glasses but I can't afford them and my eyes look a little weird without them.
I bought a hairclip on amazon and it just came in. I really can't afford new clothes so what should I do to change my look?
by the way, I don't wear makeup because if I use the amount I want to use to literally change everything I don't like about me, I would be misleading.
I have self confidence in my personality, capabilities, and pride and I am really not looking for validation, I'm looking for advice because I'm tone deaf on what to do to improve my life.
I will be going to a university this fall and I want to make an impression. I am tired of chasing after guys. I want to be like all the other girls.
Again, I just want to be different for when I go to my new school and see new people. This is my last chance to improve myself.
My parents call me pretty and say to just be Morgan (my name) but that doesn't seem to be working.


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  • I think that you are doing the right thing, self discovering and blossoming into a lovely young woman.

    I prefer a woman to grow her hair longer and yes when you can afford to purchase new glasses with frames that aren't as thick and a slightly more rounded, but not too much, then guys will be able to see how lovely your eyes are..

    As for fashion, Pink2000 ideas make sense.


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  • I suggest since you can't really afford clothes try shopping st second hand clothing stores. Maybe show a little skin it won't hurt.


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  • Probably do the best with what you got.. Make sure yo hair is nice, and put a little makeup on if you want, be more confident whether you look the way you want or not.. And yeah..

  • don't worry.


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