Big women in skinny girl clothes. What gives?

As many of you know I don't find BBW's unattractive. What drives me nuts though is when some insist on wearing skinny girl clothes. Sorry, you don't have the freedom to wear whatever you want and look attractive. There are more rules and fewer clothing options? Isn't the idea to dress in a way where you look flattering. Hide your flaws. I'm a bodybuilder. I have a 33" waist but I have wide hips. If I tuck my shirts in it makes me look boxy. Untucked accentuates a V-taper. I'm somewhat smallish through the chest and shoulders so I look great in a polo and not so much in a tank top.
I see women with gooey midsections baring their midsections for the world to see or wearing a 2 piece bikini. Are they blind? Or they wear a top with horizontal stripes.. On a skinny girl horizontal stripes make her boobs look bigger. On a bigger girl it gives her an apple shape. Or if they have a wide, flat butt and they wear jeans which accentuate a wide, flat butt. Why not a dress? Especially if she has boobs. Don't even get me started on spandex. Its a privilege. Not a right. And yes, black is slenderizing.


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  • I've never understood why some people are so offended by what others wear? They do actually have the freedom to wear what they want, why should your opinion on their body stop that?

    I completely agree that people don't dress to their shape and am 100% guilty of judging the crap out of them in my head. But that doesn't give me the right to try to shame others for their fashion choices because I personally don't find their bodies attractive.


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  • i don't get the whole big women modeling thing either. it's not healthy and there aren't really any dad bod modeling movements to counter

    just ignore them and you'll be okay no need to rant


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  • I probably wear super unflattering things cause I just couldn't give a shit.

    I hate shopping and thinking about what to wear so I just want to grab something that fits me (not necessarily well but, you know, something I can get on) so that I don't have to go to work naked.

    Most clothing stores sell "skinny girl clothes" and for someone who wants to make the least amount of effort to get something to wear, it's easy to just grab something my size and go.

  • the point of clothes is not "look flattering" to others its to give yourself confidence. So if a bigger woman wants to wear shorts, crop tops, bikinis, etc. she fucking can because it makes her feel good. and those clothing items do not belong to skinny women and skinny women only anyone can wear them.

    • How can a big woman gain self confidence by embarrassing herself in public unless she is delusional? The big woman showing her midsection is the butt of many jokes like " Did she pass in front of a mirror"? How does that make her feel good. I don't take my shirt off at the beach unless my abs are popping. Its called self respect.

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    • Nothing funnier than a middle school girl wearing makeup. Like a toddler fingerpainting.

    • correction I'm a freshman this year not a middle schooler. and i actually know how to do my makeup now, 5th and 6th grade yah not so much i did look like a clown.

  • Tbh I agree with you but even if they don’t look that attractive I don’t see why it’s your business, people wear things that don’t suit them so what? You’re acting like it’s gonna kill you


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