Would a girl maintain eye contact & not mean anything ?

There's this girl next door (no pun intended lol) that I like / have interest in.

Am pretty sure she's single now because I used to see her with this same guy for a few months. Not sure what kind of relationship it was but am pretty sure it was a Boyfriend / Girlfriend one. Now all I see is her hanging around & going out with family or friends, whether it's a girl or guy.

Now am 99% sure we like one another but there's always doubts in my head. We never offically met nor talk to one another. Am the shy type when it comes to meeting new people & of course even more shy if it's a girl I like.

It's been 2 and a half months now (maybe abit longer, losing track lol) that her & I have maintained eye contact somewhat. All this is happening when am looking from my front window or when were both in the backyard.

The eye contact we give to each other is either quick glaces or at times abit longer then usual. The quick glaces would come from the backyard when were both outside. The abit longer the usual one's would come from when I look from my front window when she's coming home & walking to her front door. When she goes out she also gives quick glaces when she notices am looking.

I would look at her (not completely staring so it won't feel kinda creepy) & she would notice this & we "lock" eyes. It's not like her eyes or her facial expression are saying "why are you looking at me" ? or "am not interested" or anything like that, it's something I can't really explain.

BTW, this happens either when it's still daytime or at night. Now I know we can't "lock" eyes at night but I do notice her turning her head (when she walks to her front door) to look at me because she notices am looking. Just to clarify, all this does not happen everyday & she does not look directly at me all the time but I know that she knows am looking at her anyway.

This is what's been going on & continuing. BTW, I believe we are both in the same age bracket, in our early 20's.

I would like a woman's opinion on this or other guys that have experienced this as well. Would a woman make & at least maintain some form of eye contact & not be interested, basically wasting her time / leading the other person on ?



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  • I'm in the same situation with my "crush". We live close to each other and see each other almost everyday. The only difference is that I've actually spoken to him a few times and he'll get nervous and brag a lot. Other than that, we have had tons of eye contact, sometimes lingering eye contact. To top it off, he's not shy at all and has no problem holding the stare for a good 5-8 seconds, which would be considered creepy if I wasn't so into him. I'm pretty sure that we both feel the same way and I wish he would just do something! In your situation, I think you should go with your gut. If she is returning the glances and looking at your window to see if you're there, then you're getting a positive response. So, you need to do something. At first try adding a smile with a quick raise of the eyebrows. My guy does this to me and I think it's so sweet. If she smiles back, you have the green light. Go talk to her! Start a conversation about ANYTHING to break the ice. Also, just letting you know that the staring game gets frustrating pretty fast if you're not going to make a move. She may lose interest if she thinks you're just getting a thrill from looking at her and you're not going to do anything else. I know that I'm frustrated and starting to get p*ssed too!

    • Oh and by the way, my crush has been acting like this since LAST summer. In the winter we don't see each other much. We had a crappy winter with lots of snow. But come spring, he started flirting again and stronger than ever. Please don't let this go on for that long!! Good luck! :)

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  • You should honestly just introduce yourself to her. You can't tell another persons persona by eye contact. She could be wondering why you stare. Maybe she doesn't know you're attracted, maybe she doesn't think she's attractive. I would definitely break the ice by being neighborly. Have a bbq with friends and invite her over or something. After you meet her, if she is smiling and real friendly that probably means she's into you. If she's a bit standoffish, or short, it probably means that she doesn't appreciate the stares too much. You'll figure out. Hopefully it'll be a love story in the works. Keep us updated to the outcome if you decide to say hi! :)

    • As I said, am 99% sure we like one another. Because When she was leaving, I caught her looking up at my front window to see if I was there. I was looking from our front door. (glass) There's a few other stuff that happened as well that suggest she sorta likes me.

      As I said, am shy but the main reason is because I don't have a job (reasons I don't want to mention) & I feel I have nothing to offer & I don't see what a girl like her would go for a guy like me. That's what's stopping me.

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  • Wow, have you considered how this looks from her end?

    She continually sees you staring at her from your front window when she's coming home/leaving? That is right out of a horror film level of creepy. She's probably already got an opinion formed about you and I'm doubtful it's a good one.

    About the only way you could possibly rectify this is by casually bumping into her and being friendly/talkative. You have to show her you're not the psycho creep that she probably thinks you are.

    • Am not sitting on a chair 24/7 in front of my window waiting for her to leave / come home. When someone leaves from that house, (1) their 2 dogs bark, I recognize them, (2) their front door, how it sounds when they open & close it again, (sorta slams it) & (3) their car, I see it leave from the driveway. When someone comes home, the samething: (1) their 2 dogs bark, (2) I see the car coming in the driveway & finally that front door. Our entertainment center is right there near the front window.

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