What can I do to look older?

dang it?

I'm about to graduate college, and people think I'm in high school. I'm small, and I suppose innocent looking. But I wear makeup (maybe not the right ways?). I try to dress my age. I'm pretty mature in conversation... It will be great when I'm older yes, but right now, it's frustrating.


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  • looking older is always easy. maybe try wearing your hair down if you don't. go on youtube and look for make up tutorials. try asking some fiends to help you while shopping for clothes. I find that the darker my eye make up is the older I loook. hope this helps :D

    • I tried mascara today but no luck. ha ha thanks though!

    • Try this? I find it very useful


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  • Stop shaving off all of your pubic hair.

    • Thanks anonymous.

    • You're welcome, just trying to help.

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  • Yes I can empathise slightly with you. I think a lot of the time it's the way you hold yourself, very confident and mature like you know exactly what you want from life. And make-up of course is helpful. Perhaps what you wear as well. I don't know, I hope that was a little helpful :)

    • Thanks :) empathy always helps!