Am I being too sensitive?

I got out from a car and there was a Indian family parked next to me. It was a sunny day and I got out and realized from the corner of my eye how this guy was leaning on the hood of his car and looked at me all frowning and looked away. So I looked at him and he looked back until I looked away. I'm only 19 and he looked about 35 with a wife and kids. and no I'm not weird/funny/ugly looking. Why do you think he was doing this? am I being too sensitive? would most people have confronted this guy or ignored him? thanks


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  • confront him for looking at you...? you're kidding

    people people watch. get over it


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  • you're being too sensitive...I think I would never confront him, he wasn't doing anything wrong, he was looking (for some reason), but why do you care? let it go.:)

    I use to smile to people I don't know (strangers) when I see them, and its not because I think they are nice/charming/good looking...its just the way I am...

    Maybe he likes to observe everything around him...! don't bother about it :)


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  • wtf are you talking about? get over these bullsh*t insignificant ego clashes, they are pointless. I mean you need to stand up for yourself but this is just grade school bullsh*t