What's in AP's Bag?

Growing up I'm sure most of us have heard the statement "Never look into a woman's bag".

So I thought why not show you guys what us women carry in our bags...

So in my bag

There is a:

Purse - it's a must
What's in AP's Bag?
Scarf - since it's my fav accessory:

What's in AP's Bag?

What's in AP's Bag?

Since I love flowers, most of my bags/pouches are flower themed.

In these you're likely to find:

Hand Gels -
for emergencies

Wipes - t
o remove makeup etc

Hand creams -
to keep the hands moisturised

What's in AP's Bag?
Sanitary Towels
(for emergencies)

Perfumes -
this one is my current fav:

What's in AP's Bag?

Makeup -
since I don't wear makeup a lot, I prefer carrying two to three fav lipsticks

What's in AP's Bag?
What's in AP's Bag?

What's in AP's Bag?
Hair accessories:

What's in AP's Bag?
Lip balm -
to keep the lips moisturised

What's in AP's Bag?
Mints -
I'm obsessed with these so you'll find lots of gums, mints and breath freshers in my bag

So girl's and guys what do you carry in your bags?


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  • Thanks for A2A!

    Your collection is amazing. If I were a girl, I'd be a materialistic hoe. I'd fill a lot of fancy stuff just to feel better about myself lol.

    But thank god, I'm a guy. Most of the times, I have only two things in my pockets. My phone and my wallet. I add a handkerchief and keys if I'm travelling. In my wallet, I have nothing but just money, more money and even more money with a debit card, platinum shopping card, driving licence, metro transport card, passport sized photographs, and IDs for my classes. That's it.

    By the way, my backpack is more intriguing. I have a knife, first aid kit, pills, books, toothbrush, lip balm, ear buds, headphones, nail cutter, mathematical divider and pins, towel, deodorant, charger, sunglasses, hair comb, fish oil, multivitamins, dry fruits, insect repellent and a water bottle (not necessarily for water only lol).

    These are the things I'd remember at the moment. I will also add a gaming laptop when I'll have enough time to waste on it.

    My mom has all the things you mentioned with an umbrella, sunglasses, test tubes, magnets (since she's a science teacher), fruits, a family pic and many more things. I shared an opinion telling all the things I found inside my mom's purse like two years ago, I bet there were like 20-30 items lol.

    • Lmao my mum says the name, guys are less expensive than girls. I have too many bags and I tend to go for branded stuff too lol.
      Thanks :)
      Lol! There goes my money, I forgot about carrying a small pouch with vitamin tabs etc
      Yes I've seen a Ted Baker bottle I want now lol.
      I tend to carry my MacBook when I go out too but for that I need to carry a tote bag and not a satchel lol.
      Lol most girls don't carry a lot with me I like smelling nice and I'm obsessed with washing my hands, so hand gels, hand creams, wipes etc have to be in my purse alongside a body mist and perfume

  • I'm pretty sure this is just a deception and what is actually in every handbag belonging to a lady is this: i.ndtvimg.com/.../...-hole_650x400_61462536640.jpg

  • I don't keep much things, I usually don't carry a bag unless there are books or other documents.
    most of my things my mobile, wallet, keys, handkerchief, all are well in my pockets

    • Yes I think it's mostly a girls thing, men only carry a bag when at a educational setting

    • keeping stuffs less will be of great ease. if I lose one it's it becomes soo uneasy until I find it back or replace it!
      and it's like a waste of time using all those!

    • I know what u mean

  • The harsh reality is that 99.8% of people you walk by in the street won't care how you look like so I feel the tuff in your bag is mostly dead weight.

  • I'm glad that I'm a guy... lol

  • i carry no bags <3

  • Nice stuff. You must have a big pocketbook.

  • a bag in a bag, a classic xD


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