What do you think about plum lipstick on a pale girl?

i have a little bit of an obsession with plum lipstick, I love it and I think it looks so cool, like a dark romance sort of look, but I was wondering if it freaks people out a little? I don't wear the kind that's almost black I wear some like this- link

the kind I wear is most like the center bottom picture or the one next to it, so what do you think?


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  • I lovvvve plum lipstick. But definitely not for everyday.

  • I think it looks super runway status, like high fashion make up look. It's nice but be sure you doin't wear it out in the morning to the store lol It's very dramatic, so some nice party would be great! :)

    • Haha yeah I'm deffinatly not wearing out on like a first date, but when I got out with my friends at night and stuff its all over my lips :P

    • Yes exactly! :)