How does it feel to have a Hermes Birkin or Kelly purse?

It's lovely, especially the size 25! :)
It's freakin' expensive but tempting to have one. I'm not rich and not part of any rich society so I feel a bit insecure buying it. (LOL)


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  • Get it!!! This is a dream I have as well. I'll probably never get one but I can live through you! Get it and I want to see pictures!!! What color were you thinking?

    • Hi! Sounds exciting I know but I'm not getting it (yet). It's so expensive but I don't feel confident to wear it because I'm not rich and I don't have rich friends.

    • I'll invest the money in my further studies instead. If I happen to get one in the future, my choice will be a Birkin 25, color Teal or Aqua Blue. :) It's so beautiful!

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