Ear stretching question.

So when I was younger (before I ever stretched my lobes) some kid pulled on my ear rings and it dragged the hole down on both 0.o ouch! ANY WHO, I have 2g and when I take my jewelry out they kind of sag down, you know instead of cat butt affect I get a cat vagina hahaha, anyone know if there's a way to fix this?


thats how it looks without jewelry, sorry that's a bad pic.


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  • If you have stretched ears then there's no reason to need to fix this because the plug just stretches out the skin so it shouldn't sag and if it does, just don't take out the jewellery but if you want to close up the stretch, it isn't that big so if you take out the plug, leave it out and apply some rejuvenating or toning moisturiser, it should close up by itself in some time :)