Halloween Costume... Need opinions! Any ideas?

I love Halloween and have begun planning my costume for this year. But this question isn't about me... my guy friend (s) want some ideas for Halloween.

So guys: What are some worthy Halloween ideas? If this is a cosplay idea, any gender could count ;)

Ladies: If you could dress your guy, boyfriend, husband, boy toy up in any costume you wanted, no questions asked would you? If yes, what would he be? Gender, make-up, Breast Prosthesis/Silicone Breast Forms/Vagina are an option ;)


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  • if you want something slutty: a college professor, they don't cover anything important

    • So you would dress a guy up as a college professor? So like a guy in a business suit or polo/slacks? Sounds pretty boring...

    • I was joking. but on a real note, any costume is a sexy one as long as you have less of it

Most Helpful Girl

  • lol I don't do sexy costumes but I have a banana, a pirate, a dead bride, a ladybug, and a penguin lol have you looked online for couples costumes or are you and your boyfriend making them?

    • He's not a boyfriend. He a guy friend who wants a woman's opinion because most of his costumes year after year were lame!

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  • If you're planning on getting laid, probably cosplay as a guy wearing something both sexy and classy. Someone did suggest professor. Fucking love ties. As for a girl, maybe furry-esque? Like bunny ears and a tail, maybe a cute dress.

    If I had any guy dress up with me, oh boy. We'd definitely be matching. Dunno bout the girly thing, maybe boobs yeah.

  • last year me and my boyfriend went as a doe and hunter. it was a big hit with everyone at the party!


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