How can ı find the best mom jeans (or any bottoms) acording to my body type?

I am a pear shape my hips dont look that bad but my legs do
most of the bottoms dont look good on me
also I am 5'3 so they make me look shorter too
I wear high waisted skinny jeans they dont look soo good on me but not bad either but ıf a pant isn't high waisted or ıdk most types look bad on me
my hips are the thing that make me look wider but the reason why the bottoms look bad is my legs
I am in loveee with mom jeans how can I find a good one?
should I go for a size up to make the pant look more large/do ı need ıt to be large or more close-fitting... helpp


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  • You have to get a high waist jeans to fit you well around your waist and hips. Then you can do alterations on thighs and legs. That's the best option.


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