What can I do with my hair?

I've got dark, curly hair, and I've always felt that I only really have three options, style-wise;

- Short

- Messy

- and Afro

and I'm totally sick of them. Does anyone have any other suggestions?


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  • Instead of just the iron you could try a relaxer, it won't take the curls completely out the first time but it'll make them a lot easier to manage. My friends ex has really curly hair like there is no way he could have straightend it without the relaxer, but with it he was able to straighten it no problem.

    • Relaxer?

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    • Things are still a little bit backward here. Barbers for men, salons for women. Maybe a few unisex ones, or an upscale men's grooming establishment would have relaxer

    • I agree but if you want a really good relaxer go for a top brazilian relaxer works magic :)

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  • From what I can see in your picture, Your hair is awesome! :)

    But if you want to change it, go get it permanently straightened. And it will stay that way for a long time. Then you could do pretty much anything you wanted to do with it. You can get it done at pretty much any hair place, well except for a barber shop.

    Well good luck!

    • Well my hair is kinda longer now (just uploaded a picture onto my profile there)... and it just gets so monotonous, you know?

    • I like your hair like that too!! You could try just getting it thinned out since its like that.. And that should work pretty well. But if you don't want to do that just go get it permanently straightened, it will stay that way until your hair grows completely out, you would just have to go get touch ups every few months.

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  • get this link

  • You could try attacking it with straightening irons. But for curly hair that's just going to get troublesome.

    Best thing to do is to suffer the humiliation of looking through a hair model magazine or a picture loaded girly mag. Or using a fashion catalog (like I steal pictures out of the next catalog) There'll be something in there for you.