Did they think I was cute?

well I was walking with my cousin on a busy street which was full of night clubs, bars and restaurants, has we were walking I noticed 4 sexy girls giving cards out, 2 of them cut through all the people traffic front of me and gave me card so as I took 1 the other 1 gave me the same card my cousin was also there closer to there side, they ignored him and they didn't give him any cards ,he was standing next to them and those 2 girls were maintaining eye contact after they were walking past and ignored my cousin totally they were saying something in foreign language to me. did they find me attractive?

the cards were for a cab btw


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  • I kind of doubt it, no offense. People who have jobs like that usually aren't thinking about sexiness. They're just trying to get their job done. Maybe they thought you looked like the sort of person who would go to a night club or whatever.

    • It was for a cab lol

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    • Well, then that's probably the reason. Why did you even ask this question?

    • Girls are weird that's why lol, they were super hot. by the way I like what I see in your pictures lol

  • i would think so because that is what I do!



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