What do you guys think of girls who wear no makeup?

just curious! I wear none and guys seem to like me more for it(;

if I were to what would be okay in your opinion?


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  • Iv never liked make up, I just find the idea of a girl having two different appearences a little weird. I mean am not against make up, don't get me wrong but I would prefer it if a girl that wanted to wear make up to have MINIMAL but preferably none at all would be best. I think in general most guys like it when girls don't wear any but I think the idea behind it is that a girl wearing make up means she takes the effort to make herself look good this is most likely what guys like. But if I could personally choose, id rather no make up on a girl at all


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  • Big thumbs up.

  • its not that guys like make up, its that they don't like it caked on. When you can actually see what's been put on your face it just doesn't look good...just enough to be barely noticed


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  • Here's my opinion:

    Guys on HERE say they dislike make-up.YET:

    "When a girl wears make-up,she is falsely advertising,she's hiding her flaws"

    "When a girl doesn't wear make-up,she doesn't care about her appearance,she let herself go,she doesn't take care of herself"

    I just find the opinions on here to be contradicting.They say what they should say.

    Anyways,my opinion is,wear as much make-up as you want,don't wear make-up,but if you're going to wear it or not wear it,do it for you.Don't base it off the opinions of others.If you like make-up,then play around with it,if you don't,then don't wear make-up.Don't degrade other people for their choices of make-up.I notice a lot of girls who do not wear make-up will sit there and say call girls who wear make-up fake,but it doesn't make you any better to judge,and a lot of girls who wear make-up will judge those who don't.

    Wear whatever,anything is ok.Only thing I warn,is do not aim for the MiMi look(chick from the Drew Carey show)

    And every chick I see with a boyfriend has caked on make-up so it doesn't stop any guys from going out with a chick

    • Thanks for you opinion(= yeah your right! I'm not predjudice over make up like some just curious(=

    • Exactly! Its imperfections that make us beautiful rather than looking like a cloned copy