What are the down sides to laser hair removal?

Moderately thick black hair on my back specifically


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  • It can be expensive, may require multiple treatments for more permanent removal and can be painful. I also imagine that there's a potential for burns, scars or hyperpigmentation.

    • all sounds bad

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    • That make sense since it's using light I do have fair skin and dark hair on my back. But the hairs are also thicker.

    • Thanks for MHO! 😊

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  • I've had six sessions, and it's often recommended to get 10-12. Laser hair removal can be expensive, look into Groupon for deals. I found someone who did it for $100 a session, Groupon might have better deals than that, but if you're just looking for somebody without Groupon you'll probably pay $200-$300.
    It can be quite painful, especially the first time. After that first time it gets a lot better but it still hurts. Some areas might be more sensitive than others. It may cause problems for your skin if they have to use a high setting on their machine. The only problem it gave me was it made my skin red and sensitive to touch for a few days.
    This doesn't really work on lighter hairs. I know you said you have black hairs, but you might have more light hairs back there than you think. After six sessions I had to stop because I still had a bunch of hairs I wanted to get rid of but they were too light. I didn't even know I had anywhere close to that many light hairs before starting.

  • Eventually grows back


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  • Ummm no more hair. Duh


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