Girls, apparently the dresses on Say Yes to the Dress are automatically a B cup size. Seems unfair. What's your cup size/would you fit?

I've been watching Say Yes to the Dress and they keep saying that these gowns are made in B cups and only some designers will make them bigger. I think this is ridiculous! I feel like that's so limiting. I'm wondering how many women this excludes so what's your cup? Would your girls fit in these dresses?
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  • C - might be able to squeeze in
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  • @wonderer89: B cup is average? Sounds low. What country? (just out of interest).


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  • It doesn't exclude many, it's the most average size so that's how they're made. All wedding dresses are altered anyway, it's just part of the process

    • I just feel like I know soooo many people with a larger chest than that. Probably I'm just jealous of B ladies cuz I'm lugging around frickin DDDs πŸ™„

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    • Because we were talking about a general issue, not one girl that I've never seen or met before buying one dress. Sure, for her individual situation whatever the reason was might suck. That doesn't mean it's an industry issue like you've complained about

    • I was just talking about the store on the show. And actually it is a show so probably they were just making a big deal out of that dress not working so it would be more exciting when they found a different one for her.

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  • I don't think it's a big deal I mean once someone gets the dress they get it tailored to fix them

    • Yeah but they also said only certain designers will make that change! I think it sucks. But I'm DDD so I'm just jealous of the people who can fit I guess.

    • I'm a 34 A so I have the problem of not filling out some things πŸ˜‚

    • You must have so much less back pain. And probably you can get such cuter bras. Lucky.

  • I'm a 34DD so technically I could get into a 34D but there's no way the average cup size for women is B. I'm gonna check it

    • The average cup size was a 34B, but that's was 20 years ago. The current average size is 34DD as of 2013

  • B cup is the average size, though

    • That's what they think and that's my I'm taking a poll because that seems small to me. Based on this poll which of course can't be a perfect representation but still it shows 63% of people are bigger in the chest than that!

  • Lol at the guy with a D cup

  • i am a 38I (DDDD)


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