Too late to ask her out?

So there was this girl at school in one of my classes. We would always make eye contact but neither of us said anything. I KNOW she liked me. Every time I looked at her I caught her looking back and she wouldn't look away! I would always look away first. It was like she was talking with her eyes (blank stare not even smiling) and telling me to just start talking! But sadly I didn't. I could still add her on facebook but I think its too late I made a bad impression and made myself look like a pus because I was she deserves better. :(


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  • If it looked like she likes you she probably still does. If she never lost eye contact first then you know you obviously meant something to her. You need to add her and try to talk to her. Don't say she deserves better just because you couldn't talk to her right away. People aren't perfect and everyone gets shy sometimes. It is not too late; you just can't give up.

    • Thanks I just can't believe I didn't do it. She was right there on the last day of finals waiting for me and I just walked and left. Arghhhhhhhhh

    • If she was waiting for you then what are you waiting for ? go for it! Good luck with things I look forward to knowing how things turn out. :)

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  • It's never too late.