Do guys REALLY prefer no makeup?

I've heard a lot of guys say they prefer when girls don't wear makeup, but I'm not sure many guys know what no makeup looks like. I think they mean that they prefer natural looking makeup instead. I'll show you the difference.

No makeup: link

Natural looking makeup: link

Which do guys really prefer?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Sugar...I have been married twice, and had several gf's live with me over the years. I know the difference.

    I don't need to look.

    I know what I prefer.

    No makeup...

    But as the Stones say "Ya can't always get whatcha want"

    My girl is one who simply doesn't need to wear any. Still, when it's a formal occation she will wear some...normally around her eyes is about it.


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What Guys Said 3

  • well... I can say that both look good... I mean... I think it would be too much if girls wore makeup all the time... If you variate that will give us something to notice when you put on makeup.

  • It depends really on the rather have a girl who doesn't need any make-up whatsoever.that shows that she's really beautiful.but when girls need makeup just to look half decent,then that a bummer.if I don't need make up then neither should

  • Looks the same


What Girls Said 1

  • Well personally I wouldn't were any because after you start you can't stop trust me if you get used to people seeing you w. Make-up on when you don't were any people are gonna come up to you and say "oh did you not get any sleep last night"or"oh you OK you look kind sick" trust I started putting it on when I was 13 and I have hated myself for that

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