Guys, do you prefer a circumcised or an uncircumcised papaya on a woman?

Also, please say why you choose it.
(PUBLIC SURVEY)Guys, do you prefer a circumcised or an uncircumcised papaya on a woman?
  • uncut for me
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  • I'm in for cut
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  • both are good for me
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  • I'm potato
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  • That little snip of skin off the penis of a baby would have grown to 15 square inches of highly erogenous tissue, reducing sexual function substantially for the male and his partner. The resulting dried out head of the penis is further desensitized. It is like wearing a condom. When you wear a condom on a circumcised penis it is like wearing two on an intact penis.
    Circumcision, or foreskin amputation, is big business. Each one costs over $100, divided between the doctor and the hospital. At its peak, there were over one million a year. This added up to well over 100 million dollars every year. Insurers need not pay for this unnecessary surgery, and they can save much needed health dollars at the same time.

    In considering the physical effects of circumcision, we have seen how there is a permanent and irreversible change in the appearance of the penis and the exposure of the glans, resulting in its keratinization and altered appearance. From the point of view of sensation and function, the most important effect is caused by the tissue loss itself. The most sensitive part of the penis is removed, and the normal mechanisms of intercourse and masturbation are disturbed. At the same time, we have learned about the function of the male foreskin, a subject that has been neglected by medical scientists in the past. We have not considered complications of the operation, but merely what ensues when everything goes according to plan.
    Male circumcision is misandry of the highest order and it diminishes male/female sexual function

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