I need my hair to look good in least amount of time?

Girls Do you know which one is the best for hair regarding side effects and being time consuming and every thing:
Japanese hair straightening
Keratin treatments
Or anything better that you suggest for fizzy hair. Share your experiences pls


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  • I have Japanese hair straightening done. My hair is naturally like Shakira and I'd spend hours straightening it each time. As long as your hair isn't dyed, JHS should be good. You don't have to straighten it ever again (until you require root touch-ups)

    • Can you curl your hair?

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    • OMG are you serious? You mean you can still curl your hair with curling Iron? Are you 100% happy with your hair?

    • Totally. I already had it done 3 times. You just can't do anything with it the first 1-2 weeks so you don't end up with dents permanently in your hair

  • Use oil

    • My hair is damn greasy

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