Which lasts longer, a manicure or pedicures?

I can't choose whether I want to be getting my feet or my finger nails done for school? I would like my feet but I'm only going to be wearing tennis shoes more than sandals and I have a pumice stone at home that I scrub my feet with.Which lasts longer, a manicure or pedicures??

  • get the manicure since people pay attention to your fingers more.
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  • get the pedicure so your feet will look good
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What Guys Said 1

  • if u wanna make guys horny run after you... definitly feet 😉😙😙😙😙😘😘😘😘😘😘

    • how does that work? it's just feet

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    • heheeh... seems like u dont believe it... try it for once...

      get a pedicure... wear some nice scandals to show ur feet... and boom all eyes at ur feet 😉

    • that is so true. 😂😂ppl pay attention to feet more than u would think

What Girls Said 3

  • If you're going purely for which lasts longer, pedicure for sure.

    I chip my manis within a couple of days (unless I get shellac) and pedicures last up to a month for me!

  • If you're gonna wear tennis shoes then get your nails done.

    • pedicures I think would last longer in there gorgeous sweet pedicures I love them

  • Pedicures for me.


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