So girls just have to be hot and cute?

So I have been reading a lot of this from the guys here:

Girls just have to be hot and cute as guys need to be much more, that's just means to me that guys are just shallows and we aren't we want a guy that's more than a look, funny, confident, loyal and fun...

And for us girls we can all look cute and hot with a bit of work out steal we don't get the guys we want... If was that simple, there is much more single girls than guys


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  • Have you considered the context of the answers through which you can to your conclusion? I've seen a lot of questions from girls about how to attract guys at bars or parties etc. In those cases, yeah, physical appearance has a lot to do with it. It doesn't matter if you're smart or funny because the guy doesn't know that about you. A guy who knows what to look for can infer bits and pieces about a girl's personality based on her body language and interactions with those around her, but that's not really a lot to go on. I imagine women are probably the same. No one looks across a crowded room and says "wow, that guy looks dependable" or "hey, look at the sense of humor on her".

    After you meet, personality becomes much more important. Of course, the ratio of importance between looks and personality are certainly going to vary from person to person (and is largely based on that persons motives for the evening), I'm sure that I'm not the only guy that cares about who a woman actually is. At least I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'm not. That said, I think in general guys do tend to put a little more importance on women's physical features than women put on men's.

    • Not a little more but much more I would say...I can see if a guy is not good looking just by watching him...

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  • Yea, I see girls tripping over trying to get to funny confident loyal fun guys who look like this link

    Don't fool yourself, men at the genetic level are basically females on testosterone.

    Looks are usual what gets everyone attention, there needs to be more to have a long lasting relationship.

    • Don't look like that but a bit cute is enough if he has all the other qualities

    • The same applies to girls.

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  • Um yeah, I have seen that guy on this site and he most likely knows little to nothing about male/female relationships or dating in general. plus he has at least 2 or 3 other accounts on here and basically just says the same thing over and over and comments his own answers to agree with himself

    a girl being Hot and Cute will just be easier to get her f***ed by guys but it doesn't guarantee a relationship. any guy who says that is most likely the shallow type of guy who either sits around fantasizing about girls he can't get, or will date any girl just for her looks and sex

    most guys do want a hot or cute girl, but there is more to it than that