Why do girls hide their real face features under make-up?

I know that girls aren't so beautiful without make-up and guys look much better than girls.
The same way any male species looks better than female one.
But thats not the point. The point is we, males, appreciate you, girls, no matter how good or bad you look. We appreciate that you exist and we are thankful to you for keeping our human species go on.
Just dont use so much make-up on your face.
You are what you are!
dont use make up, we appreciate the way you are!


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  • They are insecure...

    • And guys aren't? You're a liar and a hypocrite if you claim to never felt insecure about yourself.

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    • I actually HAVE a vagina, so I know my anatomy and stuff. You on the other hand, check up on your grammar before you go on explaining the "a"s and "g"s of my body.
      You don't strike me as the "thoughtful" or "patient" type of guy at all, so chances are, all I'd get would be vaginal tears and a whole lot of bleeding. I stick with my earlier statement, no thanks.

    • @Silver_Arrow it all goes with patience and time and as I said it goes from 1 finger to the whole fist.
      I would use lube and rub your clit so you would forget about 'vaginal tears and a whole lot of bleeding'

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  • well not everyone like to cake up their faces with makeup

  • Because we have the option to do so?

    • but you have to spend much money on it...

  • Hi, how did you say that males look better than females? What's your basis? And also, makeup is applied to foster different "looks", not necessarily to hide facial features. If people want their cheeks pink, eyelids gold, lips dark red, makeup can make those happen. Lastly, thanks for the appreciation, but girls (or people) don't use makeup for men.

    • easy, male lion and female lion.

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    • more beautiful* sorry about that.

    • You're forgetting spiders. One good example is the black widow, haha.

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