What is he doing and why is he being so harsh?

The other day I was talking to my boyfriend about getting a few facial piercings, because I've always wanted them. He strongly implied that he very much disagrees with the idea, an he even said they would make me ugly, turn him off and he would have an incredibly hard time looking at me/getting used to it. But, he then proceeded to say that he thought I was already beautiful, but could get them if I want. My first impression of that was "He is guilt-tripping me" so I confronted him about that, and said my dilemma was actually serious as I have wanted them long before I met him. He clearly stated his opinion again, but didn't want to "ruin my dreams" I said alright I'll get them then. He proceeded to ask what kind, I said maybe my lip, but he totally flipped when I said that. He bluntly stated absolutely not, that its just sick and he would never look me in the face or kiss me, let alone touch me ever again. But the same thing happened after that! He said he didn't want to "ruin my dreams" again, but kept going on about how disgusting it is. What is he doing?

I forgot to mention he thinks I only want them because other people said I'd look good with them. He said, soon after that that if I really wanted to, I should because others opinions matters more then his an he kept picking himself apart over it.


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  • What is he doing? ``Guilt-tripping'' is too polite of a word to describe his reactions.

    If body piercings are too much for him, you've learned something about him.

    Just do it and let the chips fall where they may.

    It's your affair, he is an on-looker who wants to control you.


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  • ditch, if he can't take you for you he is garbage

  • hes clearly got a problem with the idea and likes you as you are. it looks like he's not gonna stand in the way of your dreams but if you go ahead with it then you will be less attractive to him. its better for him to air his grievances before its too late. You have the right to do as you please but if you intentionally make yourself less attractive to him id say he's within his rights to leave, facial piercings might be a deal breaker that he didn't sign up for

    • I warned him when he asked me out that I was a bit odd, and very different then the mainstream hotties, and will tend to do some stuff to my appearance that would give me a more expressive sense of individuality, he said he was totally fine with it

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  • he doesn't like piercings, simple, he was harsh ad then felt guilty so said the nice things and then when you told him what you want to get done he realized you were serious and then said those things to state how much he dislike piercings but honestly if a lip piercing is a deal breaker for him then I think you can do better