Beauty marks on face? Guys :)

Well I've grown out of my insecurity over them but I have beauty marks...I wouldn't consider them moles because they are not as raised up and not as dark. But I have two beauty marks on both cheeks...Obviously not in the same spot...But like on the front view...Not on the side of my face but my actual front view. They are kind of like Angelina Jolie ( link

But they aren't really as raised and they really aren't as dark...They've lighten over time.

What do you think? I haven't gotten any mean comments every about them really and none in fromspring (haha) so I'm assuming nobody really notices them. People say they are so cute and what makes them me...and I've had boyfriends before and guys think I'm hot but I still edit them out of pictures because they look harsh.

I'm almost 17 btw...and I wasn't born with them so that's what is weird. I got them from the sun.

Okay really they are like tan colored...not black or even brown. So they aren't as harsh as beauty marks or moles.


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  • From all the guy talks that I've had with my buddies, I've come to the conclusion that beauty marks are a very hot thing for most guys. They think it is cute and it makes a girl special from others. I personally LOOOOVE beauty marks. In fact, I don't think I've ever dated a girl without em lol

    But, some guys find them gross and not very attractive. So for the most part, guys like beauty marks, but it really depends on the particular guy

  • It's what's inside, not the packaging.

    Don't get too caught up in your looks.


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