Why use makeup (any age) girls?

Since its your answers ill give my opinion on makeup... yeah.

It most of time stinks.
It most of time doesn't taste good (so we can't be good cats and lick a face cheek or whatever involving positive trolling you to put you back on your feet and not your mind. specially in public)
Its paint so it stains clothes and going to work or meeting with that on you (since we are innatentive to everything else then your lovely faces when with you. then hurry to work being'innatentive to whatever else then running fast) that makes bad economy you know.
We want to see your face change expression (totally) when we kiss or fart or both. its lovely. if we love you take makes you lovely.. yo.
Its expansive as shit. buy gaz and go drive for 2 days or whatever.
It brainfucks we to wonder what you look like under.
Personnally - me - I can never tell if you have a lot on or little on or what is it. So we think instead of appreciating your true physical self yo..
Im pretty much sure most ladies know what type of guys like a lot of makeup and what type of guys want your natural self.
Its overall lying (like guys who bs you to sleep with you... you bs (a little to majorly) us to love you)

by the way did you ever asked what makes a women beautifull to guys?
I found that most people dont know for sure.

its either geometry (boobs/ass)
or attitude (7y. o. word to describe : you , living and expressing emotions that we or life triggers in you. and all modifications to it in time spent with you)
or wisdom (though that is mostly seen in 'attitude')

So the only thing in that that makes sense (...) to makeup is boobs/ass? wtf. for real.

So why do you use makeup I'm sure I misevaluated that stuff...

peace ✌


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  • I can't understand most of this gibberish post.

    • 😂😂😂😂

    • If you understand the question you could answer the question lady.
      If you want details on what is said that was my opinions on the subject.

      Question persists. Why use makeup.

    • Because I find it fun, it's my art.
      Your question is literally the only part of this post that makes sense

  • Women don't wear makeup for the sole purpose of men. We use our money for it, it does not concern you. When applied properly it enhances features, some women enjoy the confidence boost makeup has the power to give. I actually enjoy doing it, it's like art. If you want an "all natural" woman then date one.

    • True I had forgot about self-loving. Good usage thanks.

    • No problem. Just a little insight 😉

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