Shirts that reveal chest ink?

I recently got a tattoo on my chest. but Im not sure if it would to too flashly to wear a shirt that reveals it. it's large and circular and takes up much of my left pec, which it is centered on. i think it's a pretty manly and tasteful tattoo, and it would show off my also newly acquired muscles and thick chest hair. would girls find a deep v on me sexy, or would it be a little unprofessional?shirts that reveal chest ink??


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  • I think a deep v-neck looks trashy.

    • so are good shirts and deep vs mutually exclusive, or can I make it work with good color choice and nice pair of shorts or pants?

    • It depends what kind of look you're going for. For a casual look v-necks are okay as long as they aren't super deep. I do think it's unprofessional, though.

  • I don't like that to be honest.

  • Looks awesome, I would appreciate the artwork being shown off if I saw it. It just looks like you're proud of it. No harm in that


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