What do guys like and hate to see?

What do guys like and hate to see in a girls room? And I mean just a guy I won't do anything with or anything but just a guy I like and I'm still young so I have not had sex so I mean I just wanna know like what does they like and hate to see?


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  • They HATE seeing anything from past relationships.

    The like seeing underwear lol perverted, but hey we're guys

    Hate seeing things that are childish, like teddy bears or dolls

    Like seeing pictures of the girl, and anything that has to do with the boy that is in the room, like a note he wrote her, or a gift he gave her

    Hope this helps!

    • Yes it does help Thanks!

  • When I'm in a girls room I'd like to see that it's a little clean, but I mean not perfect, then it would seem like somethings weird, we're young right? Something I'd hate to see, or any other guy for that matter, I think I speak for most teenage guys here, would be a Justin Bieber poster, or Hannah Montana, that kind of stuff. I honestly hate it when girls have obsessions like that. :)


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