What do womens find more attractive on men?

Well, the title says all but if you want a more specific thing, can you girls tell me a list of the things u find more attractive on us? And if u can could u make a top 5 or something :) ty
And guys u can tell me your experience as well.

I've been googling and i saw visual contact while talking, keep hands clean and wear perfumes make them more attracted? Is it true?

Well thanks for the answers but i'd like to add something more: does pay the meal of a restaurant to the girl (already girlfriend) is important or is it nornal to each pay from theirselves?


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  • Yes, a man that smells good.
    A guy who takes care of himself physically.
    A man who is a gentleman and makes you feel special.
    Umm someone with ambition, a respectable job and who is kind and has a sense of humour.


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  • Being a attractive men is a relative thing, of course. It may vary depending on the people. But there are some exact rules of being charisma. And all we wonder that what does charismatic men do? Of course we don’t need to do all of them, just some of. I’ve made a list according to the response given by me you lucky!😉 to Read it, you can write google as " charisma magazination ". after you read it don't forget to add your opiniom there😇😇😇😇


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  • being kind and respectful is the best but cologne is good in small amounts. just keep yourself clean and groomed. as far as what to wear goes it depends on where you are but never wear stuff that doesn't fit you properly

  • Physically - I like a taller skinny guy with broad shoulder

    I also want a guy who can do his own shit, be nice and make me feel special. Hardworking is important also


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