What to wear when meeting his friends for the first time?

So I'm meeting his friends for the first time (oh no!) and we are going to this club. I already did some research on it and the dress code is 'upscale casual'. I have an hourglass figure and was thinking about wearing an empire waist black dress with a belt, black stockings, and black booties. However, it's going to be 86 degrees today and supposedly its going to rain. I'm not sure what to wear because I want to go a bit comfortable (I rather dance not fall on my face from my shoes) and I don't want to dress too fancy (maybe giving his friends the wrong impression?). But I can't under-dress either. Uh..help?


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  • How about a nice skirt, a nice airy but elegant top, bare legs, hair in a ponytail to keep if off your neck.


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