Men's shaving (chest and armpits)?

Im 18 in college. I'm not super hairy but I was wondering what u young ladies prefer. Should I shave my chest and armpits or leave them alone.


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  • I am a male myself it's up to you, I think chest hairs help to a lot, I think it is a man pride arm pit definitely shave it up but chest hell no, keep them I think you need them for confidence and some girls do like chest hair's look at Henry clavill men need chest hairs but it's up to you xD

    • I think I agree with u especially since I'm not super hairy. I'm gonna clean up the pits and keep the chest. Thanks!

    • that's ma boi make men proud, don't be those clean shaved man, I find them weird. show your a man !!

    • Lmao thanks!

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  • I just shave everything from top to bottom because I'm hot im even turned on by my own body jk but I guess it has to do with the kind of girl? Some girls like hairy fat men others think being all shaved is like a little fuckboy so I don't know just do what makes you feel attractive about yourself


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