Do you guys like girls with copper hair?

So my natural hair color is super light blonde but i am getting tierd of it, i have light blue eyes and my hair is super long, layerd to my butt so i am considering to dye it to copper, what do u think?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Hair all the way down to your ass? That sounds really attractive. We can't say how your hair will look if you change it without pictures though, nobody can rock every look. Light blonde is a nice color though.

    • Well actually i wanna cut it too, see my hair is super straight but i wannna cut it layerd, what do u think?

    • I dont know what you mean by layered cutting. I wouldn't cut it any shorter than the middle of the back, long hair is seriously very sexy.

Most Helpful Girl

  • In my opinion, that would look pretty cool on you, especially considering that you have blue eyes


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