Hey girls, do you or is it possible to get these dresses?

i love how the girl looks in both of these dresses. I mean the girl is cute. but the dresses really look good..

just wondering if its possible to get them and if my girl would consider wearing them if she found her size in them



the second vid. looks more like a wedding dress. so I doubt it but..the first one looks like something you might sleep in or even wear to prom? or homecoming


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  • She probably wouldn't wear them...especially the second one. That IS a wedding dress, so unless you propose to her and walk her down the isle, I wouldn't get my hopes up. As for the first one, that is something you would sleep in ONLY since it is see through. She might wear it, but only to bed. You can find stuff like that from just about any high end sleepwear company/lingerie company/department store. Ultimately though, you can find out if she would wear them by just asking. You probably wouldn't be able to afford any sort of clothing they use in a professional music video as those people are rolling in money...much less find out the brand, but there is stuff similar to both of those dresses everywhere.

    • Thanks. by the way. do you like the vids./dresses yourself...or?

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