Am I too much?

I know this might be weird to ask, but after reading a lot about what guys want, I feel like I'm just not the right type. I'm a big flirt, wear make-up, curvy (in good ways), and I'm kinda short. But I'm also smart, and involved in lots of activities. I don't want to be seen as a whimsical/not serious girl because I think I have a good personality. But sometimes guys just don't even talk to me. Some friends say its because they are intimidated, but I don't know. Am I just not appealing?


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  • No no, listen you remind me of myself when I was in high school, and trust me its not you. In college things are a different and guys start to come out of their shells, and they are more likely to be opened to dating. Don't change or do anything different. Be yourself and don't worry about being in a relationship right now. Keep having fun with your girlfriends, not crying over silly boyfriends.

    "Am I just not appealing?" - Hmmm I think you know deep down inside that YOU ARE appealing! You haven't met the right guys yet. You sound mature and have your head on straight. I suggest waiting to stumble upon the right guy for you then wasting energy worrying about not having any guys falling head over heels for you.


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  • You're beautiful! It sounds like you're reading way too many seventeen magazines and watching too much MTV. That sh*t gives you a bad perspective of what men want.

    No one really knows what they want. Yeah men say they have a type but they really don't.

    You're still in high school I assume, where guys are scared and nervous. You may be somewhat intimidating so you should smile and try to initiate conversation. Once you leave high school you'll see that there is a lot more than just clicks. Sometimes your not appealing to the opposite sex in high school but when you go to college and meet new people it changes.

    Just learn to embrace yourself and your imperfections. Here's an exercise to try: When you look in the mirror focus on your best qualities, your eyes for example, and point out all the great things about yourself. The things that other compliment you on!

    Also, focus on all the positive things that you have going for yourself in life. If you do this over and over everyday it will build confidence in you and you will give off a very good energy! Once you do that guys will be allllll over you trust me!

  • Well, you certainly don't lack any confidence, that's for sure. If you were 24 you'd have no problem getting a boyfriend, getting a high school guy with all the confidence and how great you think you are might be a little more difficult.

    Just my opinion.

  • You certainly don't sound unappealing, though is there any chance you're possibly being TOO flirty? I've known a few girls who flirt way too much with way too many guys and it was always a big turn off to me. Just a thought.

    • I don't think I am? I mean, if I'm at a party, I'll usually only flirt with one guy and I don't lead guys on or anything

    • Hmmm, not sure then. Who knows? Maybe your friends are right and the guys ARE just really intimidated. I probably would be.

  • the guys who you intimidate are wrong for you anyway so forget about them. if your picture is how much makeup you usually wear, I would say wear a lot less because cakeing it on hides your face and most guys don't like that. other than that don't wait for them to talk to you, go out and get them.

    hope this helps

    • I agree with this with the exception of the implication that being intimidated somehow makes said guys invalid candidates. I don't think there's anything "wrong" with being intimidated, it just means they're shy because a good looking girl is giving them attention.

    • Oh no. I don't usually wear that much. that was after a performance I was in. stage makeup is crazy lol. and thank you

    • Oh ojk then what you have is probably fine. and I think you are right about the intimidation part iaa123

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