Men's deodorant?

is it weird for me to prefer men's deo over women's? I mean I AM a tomboy and all but I don't really think my inexistant feminity has anything to do with said preference..


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  • It's not weird at all. Genders and the things that are assigned to gender are because of cultural stereotyping. i. e. saying that a thing like perfume is of man or woman. So if you like the fragrance, you should wear it because after all it's you who matters the most 😊


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  • It's not weird
    unless you go for it just because it's men's.
    Usually I see men's one as more stronger to minimize odor because they are more active or sporty etc


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  • I know that in my country majority of middle school girls wear men deodorant some continue after I think it's because they prefer the scent of it.
    I don't like men deodorant but I don't think it's weird you do. Just preference.

  • I wear men's deodorant sometimes too. No big deal.

    • I know it's not a big deal. it just got me thinking πŸ˜‚
      thanks for sharing. have a good one

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