Looking for a pair of new sneakers!!! NYC?

Hey! As the title says, I'm looking to buy a pair of new sneakers! keywords are: affordable, durable, comfortable yet stylish!
I'm from Brooklyn, most shops around have the same Nike hoodrat stompers for $130 that's just hideous! Is there a good store to shop in Br or I'm willing to travel to Manhattan, if there's a decent place. Looking for good quality, affordable clothing goods too, along the sneakers! Any similar place in the city like the SportsDirect in the UK? Please answer asap, I'm in need for these quick! Thanks in advance! As a sidenote, please don't recommend online shopping!


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  • go to soho and browse.

    • Any particular store in mind maybe thats worth going to?

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    • For someone who used to online and few offline shopping in the UK, here, everything is ridiculously overpriced.
      I won't pay $30 for a plain white t shirt. Sorry

    • Bought a pair of Champions sneakers in King's Plaza for 27.99
      Quite happy with them so far.

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