Need help for sexy lingerie to offer?

I want to offer my girlfriend some sexy lingerie with stockings and suspenders. But she has long legs and the stockings that I find stuck must above the knee. I am looking for stockings that arrives at mid thigh le higher.
Do you know where to find this and how to know if the stockings are not going to be too short?

Thank you !


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  • Most stockings are very stretchy and will conform to many different lengths and shapes of legs. This is the style my wife uses. They are easy to put on. Just follow the sizing chart for weight and height for her size.

    • Thank for your answer.
      The stocking she used were not stretchy enough to reach the mid thigh.
      And I am actually looking for the 2 pieces model (stocking + suspender) and not the two in one model.
      Do you know any good brand?

    • No, sorry, I am not familiar enough to know good brands. The stockings we buy are just for sexual fun so we don't care about quality or the odd run.

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