Guys, what is the definition of "flat" to you guys?

In 7th grade, I was bullied because of my "flatness". There was one guy in particular who bullied me, his name is Eli (sine you'll never meet him), he said this to me, "You're too flat to ever get a boyfriend.", and "No guy wants to date a girl as flat as you." And some girl said this behind my back, "Look at how flat she is, she's too flat to be a girl." So guys, in your mind, what is the definition of flat? (I'm talking about the chest area.)


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  • Just childish people that don't understand the concept of growth.

    You're 14 from what I see so you shouldn't worry about it, you got a whole 5-6 years worth of puberty to go through.

    And if you do end up flat-chested, there's plenty of guys out there who don't give a fuck about them, so to say, you've got plenty of time and chances.


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  • People just grow at different rates, don't worry about it.

    That being said though, for every guy that doesn't like your flat chest, there's a guy that prefers it but won't say anything for fear of being bullied himself. That was me when I was your age, and I still prefer smaller chested when compared to larger ones.

    So don't worry about it. there's someone out there for everyone.

  • When a girl has as large a tits as a healthy weight guy.

    You're 14, you'll grow something. Even if you don't, having a slim body is great. Lots of guys would be good with that.

  • I think people who are insecure sometimes say horrible things to others just to make themselves feel better. Ignore them as much as you can.

    I'm sure when you find someone who genuinely likes you, then stuff like that will not matter at all.

  • teens can be cruel.

    if you have the cajones, stare as the girl who was speaking, and say to her friend, "she brings up an interesting point. what's more amazing is she was able to stop gagging on dicks for long enough to say it. no judgement of course. ... oh hi Lisa (or whatever her name is), I didn't see you there. how's Mark (any Mark)?" then break eye contact and look at her friend. smile giggle, and excuse yourself.

    for any and all future comments say, "what's that Lisa? I can understand you with all that semen in your mouth. just swallow. Christ."

    make it a thing. get other people to do it. escalate the situation until she taps out.

    and then all of a sudden, being flat when girls are expected to be flat isn't so bad.

  • It's a juvenile thought process, once your older it won't be relevant

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