Girls who dress like guys?

What do you think about girls who dress like guys? IE, baggy pants, sometimes they wear boxers,they don't really brush their hair it's kind fo messy, wear hats a lot stuff like that? Basically it looks like they don't really care how they look (not saying that's a bad thing.)

I don't dress like that by the way, this just seems to be a trend going around I see more often.


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  • Idk I `m just a tomboy . I can dress up and look great but sometimes a pair of jeans and a hoodie is just a good feeling dad was in the military and brought me up tom boyish so I guess that's why I don't know lol I never thought about it.

    I have had great guys who love me for me

    just be happy in your skin :)


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  • If you feel good in how you dress and how your style is, then you have nothing to worry about. I am no guy but there are some guys who do like girls that are more so toward the "tomboy" look, however, making it look like you don't take care of yourself (i.e bad hygiene), that is a turn-off for anyone. Just be yourself, keep clean, and dress how you want. You'll eventually attract the guys that are attracted to your look.

  • I usually assume they are lesbians or they are slobby.

  • I like doing that. I don't know what others think of my clothing. everything that's good is inside of me and everyone should understand that. By the way. I suck in short skirts :P