Swim Briefs and Speedos?

I've been thinking about buying some swim briefs and maybe even a Speedo for an upcoming vacation to the DR but from what I've seen, outside of Europe these swimsuits aren't very popular and they are typically worn by gay men. I'm straight, but I'm not so much concerned with being mistaken as gay as I am wondering if these swimsuits are acceptable. Would it be a good idea to wear either of these or should I leave them at home? As a sidenote, my girlfriend will be there with me wearing some extremely sexy bikinis.


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  • I wouldn't worry too much about it in the Dominican Republic. The tourist areas of the country will draw people from all over the world- you'll find there will be others in swim briefs on the beaches.


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  • i wouldn't be the best person to ask, but i don't recommend you wear briefs. although it might be hot or something to your girlfriend, you might not want unwanted attention from other girls.

    also, i personally find trunks hotter. (personally.)

    • I see what you're saying! But couldn't the same be said about unwanted attention for her from men?

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    • ok, then i recommend you protect her as a boyfriend because if she wears clothing that is a little showy, there are for sure going to be wandering eyes, no matter where you are.

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  • They're not popular in Europe with many people under 60, either.


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