Girls, do some women prefere feminine sons?

Masculinity is very fragile just by putting Polish or make up on a man can feminised him. due to Masculinity being very very fragile
Would you feminised your son? Girls, do some women prefere feminine sons?
The reason why men are female is because they raised that way.
  • Yes in first world
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  • not me personally
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  • why do women kill masculinity knowing how fragile it is
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  • is it not boring to keep asking same question over and over? At least wait for a few days

    • Men are turning into women... we facing war with North kotand you want me to wait a few days? hello we facing war with North Korea or men are pansey prissy and floral... I can't wait for a few days

    • Right keep posting same question with same photos over and over again likec10 times per day.

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What Girls Said 2

  • I would let my son do what he wants to do, I wouldn't instill my views on them. I have a daughter and I used to by her cars to play with buy her blue clothes she grew up fine. I think it's when you make them suppress behavior is when they start getting complexes

    • If he chose to be an old school traditional boy would you be okay with that?

    • Yeah definitely I wouldn't force anything on them because if you don't let them do a lot you constrict them later on. For example when my daughter was 2 I knew she needed to "explore" her body because all kids do at that age. So I let her paint on herself with washable markers, it was a healthy release for her and to explore her body.

  • I do not believe in the use of words such us feminisation or masculinisation. I consider them plain retarded


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