How can a girl have "irresistible" eyes?

Long story short, I got told by a random stranger yesterday that I have "irresistible" eyes. My eyes are similar to this: link

except that the outside has more green around it and the inside is a brighter orange color. I also have black hair to make it even weirder. Sorry, I don't exactly have a picture on me right now. My question is, how can eyes be "irresistible" to guys? I always thought a girl with a nice body, lots of makeup, nice outfit, etc would be irresistible to guys. I never thought something as small as eyes could ever be considered irresistible.


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  • That picture is kind of like mine too, except mine have more green, a smaller area of orange, and a thin dark grey/blue/green-ish rim around the edges, in addition.

    I think Dustyfootphilosopher explained it perfectly. And even so, it may not be your eyes alone, that make your eyes so 'irresistible', if that makes sense. Like I'm sure you've got lovely beautiful eyes, but an amazing personality to match is what makes them truly irresistible. =] I think that's usually subconscious though. I don't think most people really stop to analyze it that much. They just think 'WOW, this girl has crazy beautiful eyes', and leave it at that, without really thinking about why they feel that way. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to eye colors and whatnot, just like they have a preference for what kind of personalities they like. I think in most cases, they kind of go hand in hand. In YOUR case, the guy's compliment may have been sincere, but it may also be a 'line' of sorts, since he didn't know you personally at all.

    • Loving your eyes! So beautiful :) and thanks, you helped alot!

      It was weird because I was just standing there and he comes up to me with his eyebrows raised and mouth wide open and says "you have VERY irresistible eyes. WOW" smiled, and walked away. ha ha it didn't hurt that he was cute too lol :)

    • Thanks! And you're welcome. =] Yeah I could see how that would be weird, coming out of nowhere like that from a complete stranger. Those situations are always awkward and uncomfortable for me, but you're right, it definitely doesn't hurt when they're cute, haha. Kind of takes the edge off the weirdness. =P

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  • i don't know why this is so weird to you, what else to you think dudes look at when their talking to you?...wait...dont answer that.

    Anyways, usually most dudes notice (and remember) the little things more that the big picture, if you get what I mean...when guys talk about girls they've met to each other you would be surprised how minute the details they noticed can be...

    things like the dimple in her right cheek when she smiles, the tattoo at the base of her neck, the fact that she doesn't put on those giggly puppy dog eyes just to be cute but, instead, stares at you as if she knows she's got you hooked before you know yourself...thats what the dude is talkin about when he says 'irresistable'

    And please note me when I say that guys DO NOT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOUR MAKE UP OR WHAT YOUR WEARING...unless you've gone out wearing a bloody hessian bag and used lipstick as facepaint, it will not be the thing that we remember when we leave (unless your wearing one of those stupid boob-tube things with a mini skirt...then we'll remember your t*ts and your arse and not you, your name, or your personality...sorry)

    While I know it seems harsh, and while I admit it certainly doesn't hurt to dress up nice, obscene amounts of make-up (if any at all...ESPECIALLY around your eyes and lips) and overly 'exuberant' (ie: 'slutty' for want of a better word) clothing, seems, to many dudes, an expression of insecurity and, in all honestly, a bit desperate.

    Most guys, would rather see, respect, chase and ask out a girl that is comfortable and confident in her own skin and in the outfit she's rockin on the d'floor...and never seems as though she's tried tooooo hard to look that good

    hope it all helps :-)

    PS: the link scared the sh*t out of me...dont know why, but I just wasn't expecting a giant iris staring back through the screen)

    • Wow, that helped alot! Thanks for your help :)

      And sorry about the picture, haha

    • Your more than welcome, just pleeeeease don't let magazines and other bullsh*t be your go-to source of knowledge on guys and 'how to look'.............ask ANY dude and they'll tell you that %90+ of the "top ten's" or "how to's" you see in those things that relate to guys are complete and utter crap, mostly because their written by women.......but glad I could help :)

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  • People tell me I have beautiful eyes. Never been called irresistible, but my boyfriend sometimes can't quit looking at them, hah.

  • Sometimes guys like eyes more than you'd think. Who wouldn't want to stare into beautiful eyes?

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