Girls with thin/greasy hair- how do you deal?

How do you keep it under control
looking voluminous?
I HAVE to wash it every other day


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  • i have oily hair and wash it nearly every day as well. it's important not to touch it too often. if you want to keep it stable, I prefer mousse. the shampoo and conditioner you use is important as well.. and I'm sure you already know this, but make sure you rinse it well enough or it can make it worse.

  • Maybe if you ever somehow are able to, try to propagate the time between each time you wash it. So some day you know you're not going out, don't wash it. Maybe use dry shampoo if you want or something but hopefully you'll hair will accustom eventually and produce less grease. I find it that when people start washing their hair too often it starts to become greasier and greasier. Then there's like this experiment some people do of not washing their hair for a month (at least with no shampoo or soap) and after the month it looks completely fine once it's accustomed to it. As an example which I'm really not proud of, when I was a kid (around 8-10) I wouldn't shower until every 8 days! My parents just never really told me or tried getting me used to it every day. And I have to say that my hair did last clean for at least 5 days, it would begin to look greasy at the 6th usually. Compared to now, I wash my hair every 2-3 days or sometimes 4 when I have a tight schedule but it looks greasier much earlier than it did when I was 10. So that's my proof on maybe it's because of washing it too often (:


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